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Access to this Website and use of the Service herein provided are subject to general Terms and Conditions, set forth in this present document, and to Terms of a particular nature that appear in appendices or on message boards of a specific page belonging to the same Website (henceforth, the “Terms and Conditions”). If you access and use this Website, you (henceforth, the “User”) accept and agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to modifications at our sole discretion. Any modifications will enter into effect the moment they are made public on this Website or the User is notified of them, whichever occurs first.


The Service provided by Internet World Trade Group consists in a means of information, advertising, online communications, and online sales made available by Internet World Trade Group (from here on, the “Owner”) or its affiliates, and its use requires the User’s complete and unconditional consent to its Terms and Conditions. The information contained in this Website comes from various sources (from this point forward, the “Information Providers”), some of which are Users of the very same Service. Said information cannot be considered exhaustive, complete, or as satisfying all of the User’s needs. The vast majority of the information is merely destined to allow the User greater access to data in the field of his or her interest, data which is generally provided by third parties and which is outside the Owner’s effective control. For this reason it is suggested that the User carefully read these Terms and Conditions.


The Owner is not responsible for any damage or harm that may result from the use of the information which the Service provides. The Owner does not guarantee the accuracy nor the validity of the information, nor that said information is free from any modification or editing after it is incorporated into the Website.Should the User feel offended or harmed by the information, he or she must direct his or her complaint exclusively against the Information Provider. If such a need arises, the Owner will provide, upon the User’s request and to the reasonable extent the Owner has the capacity to do so, the necessary information with which the User may make his or her complaint. The Owner is not responsible for: (a) the integrity of the transmission of data sent on public telecommunications networks, or on any other electronic means of communication, both from the User to the Owner (in particular, data pertaining to credit card information or other means of payment) and from the purchasing User to third parties making use of advertisement through the Service; (b) the truthfulness of the advertising that appears on screen.


The User recognizes that neither the Owner nor the Information Providers exert any control whatsoever over other websites accessible through links or through any other type of electronic connections (henceforth, the “Linked Websites”). The Owner and the Information Providers therefore assume no liability or responsibility for the content of the Linked Websites. The User is forewarned that the contents of some of the Linked Websites may include inappropriate or offensive material.


Equipment. The Owner is in no wise obligated to provide any hardware or software that is needed to access the Service. The User is responsible for acquiring any necessary material for him or herself, including all telecommunications material.Policy Regarding the Use of the Service. The User accepts the Service Policy established in Appendix A and any modifications that may arise henceforth. The Owner reserves itself the right to eliminate or modify any information, communication, downloadable material, or message it deems violates this Policy. Copyrights. The information contained in this Website may be the intellectual property of the Owner, the Information Providers, or a third party. The information and downloadable materials may only be used for non-commercial purposes.
The retransmission or publication of any material is prohibited without previous consent of its author.
The User gives to the Owner, and to all other users of the Service, a perpetual, free, and non-exclusive license, with rights to sublicense, reproduce, edit, distribute, transmit, create derived works or adaptations, and exhibit publicly, over all information and downloadable materials the User may send to the Owner (including, for example, ideas or content meant to improve products and services), be these in sections of public access to the Service (such as message boards, discussion forums, or chat rooms) or on any other webpage of the Service. Content control. The Owner is not responsible for the content of communications that take place nor for the materials that Users and Information Providers contribute to the Service; notwithstanding, the Owner reserves itself the right to block access when necessary or eliminate any communication or material it deems (a) abusive, defamatory, obscene, false, or misleading; (b) violates the intellectual property rights of a third party; or (c) violates any of the provisions set out in Appendix A.Indemnity. The User agrees to indemnify the Owner and the Owner’s agents, employees, licensors, suppliers, and licensees from any damages (including the costs of a defense lawyer) resulting from any illicit act imputable to the User or to a third party employing the User’s account.Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. All legal matters between the Owner and the User are regulated by the laws of the Republic of Uruguay, excepting any case that calls for the application of a foreign law. Any ambiguity in this regard will be submitted to the courts. Waiving of rights. Any delay or failure on the part of Owner to insist upon strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions shall in no wise be constituted or construed as a waiver of its inherent rights. Partial nullity. In the event of a declaration of nullity for any of the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, the validity of all the others will in no wise be affected. Trademarks. Internet World Trade Group ( and WESDA are the registered trademarks of the Owner. Any and all other trademarks or logos appearing on the Website belong to the Owner or to third parties, and the User shall not use them without the authorization of their respective holder. Notifications. The User can and may receive notifications from the Owner through any of the following means: (a) email, (b) general communications in the Service’s message boards, or (c) regular mail sent to the address indicated by the User at the moment of first signing up for the Service. Should the User wish to notify the Owner of anything, he or she may do so via email at or via regular mail (postage paid) or courier to the following address: Internet World Trade Group, Depto. Atención al Cliente [Customer Service Department], Av. Sarmiento 2520, suite 402, Montevideo, Uruguay.

APPENDIX A: Policy Regarding the Use of the Service

The use of this Service is subject to norms and regulations as established in the following Appendix. Requirements. The User will promptly notify the Owner of any change in the information he or she provided upon first registering for the Service. Access. Registration for the Service may require that the User identify him or herself (from here on, the “User ID”) and create a Personal Password (henceforward, the “Personal Password”) of his or her choice. The Owner reserves the right to reject or modify the Personal Password chosen by the User.Online Communications. The User understands and recognizes that online communications occur in real-time and are outside of the Owner’s effective control. Nevertheless, the Owner reserves the right to edit or delete any and all communications it deems to be offensive or in violation of the present Policy.It is strictly prohibited for the User to: (a) transmit messages under the guise of anonymity or a false name; (b) transmit messages or information of an injurious, intimidating, misleading, defamatory, or obscene nature, or transmit any message or information that violates the right to privacy or the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, or that may result as damaging to these or to the Owner; the Owner does not hereby seek to hinder the right of free expression, but it does reserve the right to take action in any situation in which the Service is used to spread information of this kind; (c) interfere with the use of the Service for other Users, including the interruption of dialogues in chatrooms; (d) transmit any files containing viruses or any other contaminating or destructive element; (e) share ads, promotional materials, or offers, except in the areas destined to this effect (i.e. classified ads sections, message boards); (f) send large numbers of unsolicited emails to other Users. The User must not permit any third party to use his or her account. Any and all information sent through a User account will be considered as coming directly from the User of the same account.The User must not permit any third party to use his or her account. Any and all information sent through a User account will be considered as coming directly from the User of the same account


The purpose of this Appendix is to inform the User about the policy we follow as regards the use of his or her Personal Information (“Personal Information” is defined in a section below). This policy may be modified for multiple reasons, such as for the use of new information processing technology or for changes we may introduce in our Website or our marketing systems. The User will be given advance notice anytime we modify this policy. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please email us at


This policy applies to all Websites and Services belonging to or operated by Internet World Trade Group or its affiliates (that is, “Internet World Trade Group,” or “us”; the “Websites belonging to Internet World Trade Group,” or “our Websites”). It does not apply, however, to websites you may access through links found throughout our Service.


Internet World Trade Group will only use the information you provide in your User account (that is, your name, address, telephone number, credit card information, and email address – from this point forward, “Personal Information”) for purposes related to the Service or for marketing purposes. Under no circumstances will we reveal your Personal Information to anyone.


Internet World Trade Group may send you messages destined to confirm your registration, inform you regarding your account status, or notify you of any change in IWTG’s Terms and Conditions of Service or Privacy Policy.Internet World Trade Group may also send you promotional emails regarding products and/or services..


You agree that any Personal Information of yours that we possess can and must be revealed in response to judicial order or any order from an administrative authority we deem has reasonable competence to make such a request, and thus, in such cases, that said Personal Information is exempted from the promise of reserve outlined above in the present Privacy Policy. Internet World Trade Group may also reveal your Personal Information in case it has to deal with an attempted security breach involving IWTG’s Websites or with a threat against you, us, or third parties. Finally, for your own sake, we ask that you bear in mind that any information about you and transmitted by you through online communications (for example, on message boards or in chatrooms) could be compiled and used by third parties without your consent. Although Internet World Trade Group does everything it can to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the complete security of the information you transmit by means of online communications; you thus assume the risk of revealing said information through these means.


Given that children may be unable to understand all aspects of our Policy or to make valid decisions regarding what options are available to them, we urge all parents, tutors, and guardians accessing Internet World Trade Group’s Websites that they participate actively in all Internet activities the minors under their care will take part in and that they teach them how to protect their own privacy. Internet World Trade Group has adopted the following measures to protect the privacy of users who have not reached their eighteenth year: They may not create their own account on Internet World Trade Group’s Websites; their account, rather, shall be an extension of their parents’, tutors’, or guardians’ account. They may not input any Personal Information into Internet World Trade Group’s Websites without previous consent of their parents, tutors, or guardians.If they win a contest, both the notification and the accompanying prize will be sent to the parents, tutors, or guardians of the winner.Their Personal Information will not be used for promotional or marketing purposes.


Through the use of cookies or IP address tracking, the Websites belonging to Internet World Trade Group may access other information belonging to you (from here on, the “Unspecified Information”). To date, the Unspecified Information we compile consists of information concerning the Internet browser you are using, your computer’s make and its operating system, your Internet service provider, the sections of our Websites that you visit, the links you establish therein, and other similar information. We and our Website operators use the Unspecified Information only to understand which are the preferred sections of our Websites and what technology is being used to access them, so that we may constantly improve our Websites. We may reveal statistical information to third parties, but under no circumstances will we share your Personal Information (except for the reasons mentioned above, in the section “Exceptions regarding the use of Personal Information and other information”). We warn you, nonetheless, that some of the advertisements posted on our Websites may solicit User information or may contain technology destined to collect and compile such information without User knowledge or consent. Within our own technological possibilities and according to the agreements we have made with our sponsors, we do not permit any of our Users’ Personal Information to be collected and compiled without their knowledge or consent; we are not responsible, however, for any violations of these agreements any one of our sponsors may commit. Your browser, as any other, may be programmed to enable cookies. If this is the case, and you do not wish your Unspecified Information be shared, you may program your browser to disable cookies or at least to advise you when a website attempts to send you cookies. Please take into account, in this case, that certain websites, including certain sections of our Websites (such as message boards, chatrooms, contests, and gaming areas) might not work properly. For more information concerning how to enable or disable cookies, we advise you to consult your browser’s provider (Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.).


Internet World Trade Group’s Websites are supported by advertising and other content for which links are established by third-party services or websites. Although we have initially visited all linked websites (many of which have their own privacy policy that may perhaps be very different from our own), their content is completely outside of our control and, moreover, is continually modified. We strongly recommend, therefore, that you verify each website’s own privacy policy before incorporating therein any information of your own.


The protection of your privacy is one of our top priorities. We have taken all measures within our technological and economic reach to secure your privacy. Within such limits, nonetheless, we urge extreme caution anytime you transmit information from your computer to our servers. Excepting emails, all information in transactions made through the Internet is encrypted by our servers, and thus is reserved exclusively for concerting parties. This does not ensure, however, that the codes used to protect your information are impossible to decipher.


Anytime you wish to have us correct or delete any of your Personal Information stored in our databases, please email us at


All legal matters between the Owner and the User are regulated by the laws of the Republic of Uruguay, excepting any case that calls for the application of a foreign law. Any ambiguity in this regard will be submitted to the courts.